Don Powell Band

New Release July 2024

More details soon...

3 x Track CD I Am The Beat featuring Don & Bev Bevan available to buy HERE 

Also Download and Cassette versions 

What's Happening NOW!!!!


Following the success of My Sharona which hit the #1 spot in the now very respected Heritage charts and stayed in the chart for 11 weeks altogether, The Don Powell Band released their follow up single on the 20th January 2024. A powerful reworking of the classic track I Am The Beat. 

Dons version sees him joined by Bev Bevan, formerly with ELO, Black Sabbath & The Move and now  with Birmingham UK's  favourites - Quill.  

iI's actually DON AND BEV performing together on the same stage for the very first time!

Filmed in front of a small audience at an intimate venue, 45Live in Kidderminster. Everyone had a great time we know... And thank you all for being there (you know who you are!)

The Beat Goes On...

The Don Powell Band

The legendary drummer from Slade Don Powell is now firmly back with his own Don Powell Band 

The DonPowell Band re-unites musicians from later versions of Slade, vocalist Steve Whalley and bassist Craig Fenney

The band are now delighted to have a new permanent member with Keyboard player Jon Bates. Jon has previously been the bands producer on several DPBand tracks. He was responsible for production, editing and engineering the original track that was made during lockdown - Let There Be Drums Everyone who played on that was isolated in their own studios! That was a very tough ask for everyone - especially Jon!